VICTORY Musky Sucker Harness

This sucker harness is designed with the angler & musky in mind. A true ‚??Quick-Strike‚?Ě Rig. Muskies generally attack this type of prey from the side, when rigging this harness to the sucker one of the two treble hooks will be in a hook-setting position immediately.¬† The best hook set will come if your fish is moving away from you. To set up your harness¬† first run your line through the enclosed cross-lock snap to run freely. Note: one length of the harness is shorter, take the shorter hook and carefully place one barb into the meaty part of the back on the left or ride side of the dorsal fin. Take the longer hook down to the thin white skin near the pectoral fin, carefully placing one barb just under that skin. IMPORTANT:¬†It makes no difference what side you use, only that you place them opposite to each other; (one left , one right). Once the hooks are in place, punch a small hole in the upper lip of the sucker in the thin membrane behind the lip, use the cross-lock snap to clip the nose into the V of the Harness. Look for instructions on the Home Page. Unlike other sucker harnesses your hooks are attached with split rings. This will allow you to cut hooks if necessary and you will still save your harness.

Proven in the 2007 Season over 40 muskies were caught on this harness with only miss due to high winds and being blown into the shore.

If you are interested in a purchase this Victory Musky Sucker Harness, they are available at the price of $7.50 each plus Shipping & Handling. Contact me from the information below.

If you would like to view the instructional video on the use and setup of this rig please click on the video screen "arrow" below, please allow this clip time to load up.